Augustine Kofie was one of the earliest artists to approach graffiti with an architectural mindset. Those ideas always made their way into his paintings, a combination of abstraction and architecture structures that have become more layered over the years. State of Mind, Kofie's newest solo show opening at Hashimoto Contemporary in NYC on April 17th, the works feel more muted, aged, and yet vibrant. Deconstructed comes to mind, as if found on the edge of the world. Objects seeem to disappear into each other, almost discontinue into new colors and shapes. 

“Some of these works were very frustrating to manifest. On the one hand, I had all this extra time, but on the other, it took much longer than usual for things to take shape. Emotionally and tonally, the works run the gamut from angst to harmony. My feelings are in the brushstrokes, the movements, the process of repeatedly adding and taking away, the layers of time it took to complete these paintings,” Kofie said of the process making State of Mind. 

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