Decision Fatigue, Amber Boardman’s fourth solo exhibition at Chalk Horse, consists of nine paintings ranging from medium to large scale works (1 - 3 meters). These brightly colored, densely layered works follow on from the general theme in her work which examines crowd behavior, and the role of the internet in shaping ever-changing social norms.

Boardman began this series of works in September 2019 while researching the phenomena of decision fatigue and the mundane but exhausting amount of choices essential to daily life. All of these little decisions, many of them screen-based, slowly erode energy and willpower throughout the day.

In this exhibition, Boardman adds her long-standing interest in tech back into her work. Moving away from purely imagined imagery, she uses a range of technology to realize these paintings: She worked with a 3D model maker to create digital replicas of the paintings in progress to better visualize how light and shadows might behave in these impossible spaces.

Boarman was featured in the January 2017 issue of the magazine. Read the interview, "Amber Boardman: A Portrait of the Armpit as a Young Man," here.