An art gem in the City of Lights, Bim Bam Gallery recently hosted Ensemble, a duo show featuring the Bay Area's very own Alicia McCarthy and Jeffrey Cheung. Between February 7th and 16th, the recently-opened art venue presented an all-new body of work by two artists who embody the independent, creative spirit of their hometown and community.

While growing up in different generations and producing different types of work, McCarthy and Cheung both share similarities in the raw urge to make honest, almost humble art-making. Their passionate and unparalleled respect for community and comradery brought this presentation together, and although surprisingly, both live and work in Oakland, Ensemble was their first joint showcase.

The Paris exhibition blends the artists' work and attitudes, mixing McCarthy's intertwined colorful patterned abstractions with Cheung's throngs of androgynous figures celebrating love and equality. From the small collaborative showpiece and series of figure-based, oil-stick-on-paper compositions, to acrylic, gouache, and pencil-on-wood patterns and weaves, both artists express life affirmation and experience in simple, unaffected work that champions feeling, touch, and native intelligence. Further on, during his stay in French capital, Cheung teamed up with the local Headbangers Publishing for the release of the newspaper promoting Loud & Proud Festival of queer culture, as well as organized Queer Skate Paris event. Sasha Bogojev