111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco is excited to announce their latest art exhibition—two solo shows—featuring Alec Huxley and Robert Bowen, two prolific Bay Area artists. Huxley's Above It All and Bowen's Blasphemous Nature will be on view from August 18—October 7, 2022

With Above It All, Alec Huxley, 111 Minna mainstay and prolific Bay Area painter is back with a brand new series of otherworldly pieces featuring his classic surreal depictions of animals and space-gear-clad figures roaming in the least likely of places.

Alongside Alec, Robert Bowen’s latest show at 111 Minna shares the title Blasphemous Nature with his newly announced book (pre-sales are still available!)—an apt description for his intricate depictions of mechanized and jewel-encrusted creatures.

About Alec Huxley
Alec Huxley (B. 1980) specializes in painting spacey dream states and wild animal encounters. Former 111 Minna curator, Micah LeBrun notes, “Alec Huxley anchors this body of work with his signature style of iconic and suit-clad figures which seem to be suspended between dimensions or speak to ones consciousness slipping from reality to that of a lucid dream all the while traveling through and viewing these scenarios through the lens of a vintage space helmet. Conceptually, Alec’s subjects seem to be sourced from historical Americana and subcultures that exude a renegade ambience when remembered, like the beatnik movement or the whisky runners of the prohibition era. His ability to seamlessly overlap conceptual ideas, create a similar illusion like that of a locomotive resting on the ocean floor”

About Robert Bowen
Robert Bowen is a visual artist based in San Francisco, CA. He got his start in the graffiti and street art scene before shifting to focus on fine art. Bowen has exhibited his work throughout the U.S. and abroad for over twenty years. His work has been shown at galleries and museums, including the de Young Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, 111 Minna Gallery, and Modern Eden Gallery.