On the 22nd of June, Giant Robot in LA presents Woderfull: Through High and Low, a debut solo exhibition by Darren and Trisha Inouye, better known as Giorgiko. Five years since their debut at Giant Robot's legendary Post-it Show, the art is ready, once again to make a splash with a full solo presentation at this favorite space. "We feel super blessed for the opportunity! GR2 was the first gallery that opened their door to us when we were first started exploring our collaborative work, so it feels right that our first solo show is there."

The husband-and-wife team met while studying at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, and soon began their collaboration, mixing Trisha's drawing talent with Darren's painting skills. "Luckily, we both share a similar vision for our work and how it should look, but skillset-wise, we are very different. I am most comfortable painting mediums and thinking in terms of mass, and Trisha is most comfortable drawing mediums and thinking in terms of lines. She also brings style and narrative. We critique each other's work and agree on concepts, compositions, and narrative, so almost every piece is a truly collaborative creation. They would look very different if either of us were to solely work on it alone."

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For Wonderfull, the husband-and-wife duo has created a massive body of work ranging from small drawings on paper and oils on panel to their largest painting thus far. Each piece, a poem to wayfaring boys and girls, imagines their stories and dreams of being found. "The show's theme plays on the words 'wonder' and 'full', like being 'full of wonder'. Many of our pieces explore the theme of maintaining a sense of wonder throughout every facet of life." Urban culture, fantasy, and classic art lend each painting a unique blend where elaborate stick figures find themselves in surreal, timeless scenarios; Imaginary creatures haunt fairytale places and the traditional Dutch Golden Age may set the scene.

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As for future plans, "Some really exciting ideas and plans are yet to be revealed, but our goal and desire for Giorgiko is to grow into a beloved and ever-expanding universe." Hinting that their "drawings and paintings will always be part of that universe, but [Giorgiko] may be expanding into other, unexpected mediums that hopefully will excite our fans and bring the 'Giorgiko universe' a little closer to home." That is as explicit as Giorgiko could be at this time, so stay tuned for more! ––Sasha Bogojev

Giorgiko's "Wonderfull: Through High and Low" opens at Giant Robot Gallery on June 22nd, and is on display through July 10, 2019.