As it seems fitting to be heading to Miami next week, we wanted to dedicate today's A Portfolio to a Miami artist, Thomas Bils

Born and raised in central Florida before moving south to his current residence of Miami, Thomas Bils paints autobiographically in ongoing investigation into the precarious nature of the world and the banality of disaster. Reflecting from the absurdities he was accustomed to while growing up in the suburban south during the beginning of the opioid crisis, Thomas crafts images employing his role as the unreliable narrator to develop a fragmented reality where personal narratives intertwine with universal anxieties. Within that space the viewer is invited to meditate on the inherent contradictions that define our human experience and the fragility of certainty. The personal microcosm, in Bils's vision, is a delicate construct, forever on the precipice of collapse, where even the most mundane occurrences can hold profound existential significance.