On today's A Portfolio, we look at Seoul-born, London-based Minyoung Choi, who is part of a group show with GRIMM rigt now, curated by Caroline Walker. 

Minyoung Choi (b. 1989 Seoul, South Korea) lives and works in London. Choi graduated from the MFA Painting Course at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2017. Choi’s works, which straddle the boundary between surrealism and real life representations, often function in relation to one another as a series of meditations on a particular theme or concept. Objects, images and patterns of light frequently recur among her paintings, creating a sense of cohesion, as if these pictures all belonged to the same dusky, strangely lit dream. Light is of utmost importance to Minyoung’s pictures, its various, radiating sources – the moon, a laptop screen, a television, a lamp – often providing the focal point of the composition.