On the heels of his recent solo show at VSF in Los Angeles, today we look at A Portfolio of Thibodaux, Louisiana-born, Dallas-based painter, Jammie Holmes. We first were introduced to Holmes' work while he was working with Library Street Collective, and have loved his cinematic, literary paintings. 

From his bio: Despite the circumstances of its setting, Holmes’ work is characterized by the moments he captures where family, ritual, and tradition are celebrated. His presentation of simple moments of togetherness and joy within the black population that nurtures the culture of Louisiana has made him an advocate for this community. Holmes’ paintings fall somewhere between realistic depiction and raw abstraction, incorporating text, symbols, and objects rendered in an uncut style that mirrors a short transition from memory to canvas. He often references photographs from home, but also draws heavily on his own recollection of moments and scenes and works quickly to translate his emotions to paint.