On today's A Portfolio, we look at the works of Ghana-based artist, Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Ali. With their work on view now at Subliminal Projects in Visual Language: The Art of Protest, she is inspired by African women's experiences in patriarchal societies. 

From the artist :"I apply navy blue and numerous hues of blue on the skin of my subjects, indicating freedom from all limits, abuse, and the controlled lives of all women, just as the oceans and seas do. Blue also represents royalty in the northern Ghanaian society. 

"In order to create my art, I use acrylic paints and items such as magazines. Multiple collages of powerful, inspirational women who continue to defy all obstacles to be successful in their respective industries are sometimes infused into my paintings. After finishing each piece of art, I say a small prayer, hoping to make a difference in society by assisting women like me who may be forced or brainwashed into early marriages, denied an education, let alone an education of their choosing, to break free from the shackles of societal and religious expectations. It is more important than ever for women to step forward and focus on leadership in their communities and beyond, and I hope to make a significant contribution."