On today's A Portfolio, we look at the paintings of German artist, Astrid Styma, who just closed a solo show with Setareh in Düsseldorf

Astrid Styma, brings a technical mastery to her emotive representation of female subjects, and undertakes a nuanced exploration of the emotional facets inherent in the human form with a particular emphasis on near photorealism. Styma engages viewers with these painted bodies, evoking sensations rooted in the depiction of personal moments. Painting serves as a means for exploring not only the corporal object but also Styma's mind, capturing facets of reality mixed with dreams and imagination. The layers built up in smooth sculpting planes evoke perception as shaped not only by personal experiences but the intricate entwinements with the social. In treating her female subjects with deep introspection, Styma provides a space for our own inner contemplations.