For its American debut, Flourescent Smogg has teamed with Mirus Gallery in a collaborative group show entitled Seven Days Too Long. The show opens Friday, July 12th, with an opening reception from 7 to 10 pm, and will be on view through August 3, 2019. Featured artists include; Jonnie Cheatwood, Taku Obata, Sat One, Sickboy, Broken Fingaz, George Morton Clarke, and MARS1.

Lucky number seven. A significant number across the world, represented throughout religions and cultures, from Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man to Japan's Seven Gods of Luck and Good Fortune. Now, this blessed numeral outshines itself in a groundbreaking group show in Denver.

Comprising of seven artists, seven originals and seven editions, Seven Days Too Long contains a shipload of talent, drawing on Fluorescent Smogg’s technical ingenuity to bring diverse disciplines – such as 3D printing in gold, monotyping, screenprinting, woodblock printing, and the ancient art of bronze-casting – all under one roof.


Following Fluorescent Smogg´s dedication to break creative ground, each exhibiting artists was invited to throw off their shackles and create original paintings that push their capabilities beyond the limit. In addition, each artist was asked to create one bespoke edition in collaboration with Fluorescent Smogg´s community of master craftsmen, artist technicians, seasoned producers, and product designers.


The result? A dazzling display of skill, technique, and philosophy; an immersive interlocutor between the futuristic Japanese sculptures Taku Obata, the mystic canvases of San Franciscan golden boy MARS1, and the deep-color creations of Venezuela’s Sat One. Young painters Jonnie Cheatwood and George Morton-Clarke join world-renowned street art duo Broken Fingaz to complete the eclectic line-up, all under the auspices of the enigmatic founder Sickboy.

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Seven Days Too Long invites all seven exhibitors to dream big before delineating their ideas in 2D, 3D, pre-analog, or post-digital — moving from bronze foundry and brassworks all the way to model-making. Renowned for championing new Contemporary art movements in the US, Mirus Gallery proves an ideal partner for Fluorescent Smogg´s first venture into the US.

These two innovative institutions prove lucky number seven still has it by bringing together a beautiful clash of minds, worlds, colors, and styles in a show that doesn't simply celebrate true craftsmanship but creates it.