New Image Art is pleased to present 33 Lilies, a solo exhibition by Richard Colman

Twisted petals and tangled bodies emerge in harmony sprouting from the depths of the past. Psychologically the world is constantly having to face itself. Multi-faced figures, humanoid snakes, shape-shifters, and flower-growing heads in dense formations all contribute to an eerie and restless sensation. The sprawl of uncertainty has become the new normal. Facing the neon hues feels akin to facing our own mortality in Richard Colman's paintings, the sheer magnitude of his usage of color evokes a new consciousness within one's senses. Colman explores sentiments of loss and beauty with this new body of work. He delves into a mystical head-scape where his iconic figures contort, curve, and spiral which act as a reflection of the constant shift within the human psyche. It is as if Colman has created folklore, where each painting acts as a key to unlocking sacred beliefs, customs, and stories of truths passed through time. His contemporary approach in building these brightly colored myths is enlightening and metaphysical. As an evolving artist, Colman continuously reinvents, expands, and limits the aesthetic narratives within his paintings. Many of the new works juxtapose chaos and order as compositional metaphors for the current human condition. 33 Lilies is a journey that reflects life and death and all the roads in between.