Jeremy Booth is a Louisville, Kentucky-based illustrator with a penchant for classic design works and what he calls a "vector noir" style. Immediately when you are inspired by a classic "noir" era of art, you have our attention, and we reached to his management team at Artistique International (IQ) to see more of Jeremy's commercial work and their entire roster of designers and illustrators making all sorts of campaigns and projects visually come to life around the world. We talked to Booth for a few minutes to get an understaning of some of his recent works, his favorite project to date and what a dream project looks like to a commericial artist in 2020. 

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: What's your biggest inspiration? Is there anywhere you go to find it?
Jeremy Booth: Inspiration for me comes from many places. I love vintage fashion photography, the kind of imagery you’d find on or in old Vogue magazines. I also love the surrealist work of Rene Magritte’s, I find it weird but yet classy. Rene Gruau’s illustration work is stunning, elegant and simple. Depending on what illustration you are looking at you can find spec’s of inspiration from these.

What is your process once you receive a brief?
My process always begins with written ideas if there is no direction in place. Once a direction is nailed down I always start with a rough sketch. This helps get my rough idea on paper and assists the client in knowing the direction I want to take before proceeding to the digital version. Once the rough is agreed upon I move on to digital. During the digital process I refine and perfect my rough sketch digitally to create the final composition.

Do you have a favorite subject matter?
My subject matter changes depending on where I’m at. I love drawing people, vintage inspired luxury ads, and surrealist art. It’s all random, I know.

What projects(s) have you been most proud of to date?
My collaboration with Rabbit Hole Distillery has been my favorite so far. We worked together to create a mural in the heart of Louisville. Their brand, product and team are top notch people.

How long have you been illustrating?
I’ve been illustrating for about 7 years professionally.

Do you have a favorite medium?
Digital, adobe illustrator is where all the magic happens for me.

What is your dream project?
I really want to create posters for luxury brands. Whether that be for a car company like Porsche, a watch company like Rolex, or a fragrance company like Chanel.


Why did you pick IQ for representation?
When I started with IQ they were a smaller agency but full of experience and professionalism. I knew joining their roster would really elevate me in my profession and that they’d take care of me. Call it a hunch. Today they have grown immensely with a packed roster, and I am just as excited to call them home today as I did when I joined them several years back. Through their representation I’ve worked with some big name clients and I am truly thankful.

See more of Jeremy Booth's work visit his portfolio here and to learn more about the IG team, visit