We have scattered attention spans, don't we? One minute we could be looking at our friend's dinner party on IG, the next a meme about Donald Trump on Twitter, followed by a cat video posted by your aunt on Facebook all the while scrolling through Netflix looking for the next binge. As we scuttle quickly through apps, programs, identities and culture we frequently don't know what we are searching, but there are these cultural signifiers that point us to the familiar. And in this space is where Ermsy makes his work. 

As he is set to open his newest solo show of drawings at Thinkspace Projects on June 27th, Ermsy’s new work for Took It Easy is an even deeper and more expansive collection of pop-culture remixes, blends and stoney memory haze. Bart Simpson is on an iPhone looking at Facebook, Betty Boop is looking into her mortality, Super Mario mushrooms split to bloom into an array of psychedelic imagery. The work feels purposefully chaotic, as it mirrors our habits and subconscious digital lives. As a former graffiti writer, Ermsy understands a sense of abstraction in communication, but also how to create a vivid image.

The English-born, Paris based artist admits, "I love pop culture, and I love exploring it. Using well-known characters provides me with a base point, a frame to work within. With graffiti, the idea is to pick some letters from the alphabet, then go crazy with them or do whatever you want. Everybody starts with the same base point, and that's graffiti. My starting point is to use characters in my artwork." The artist has such skill in taking an absurd visual practice and mixing it with iconography we all recognize, as he captures the mood of our times, highlighting our stir-crazy mindset as we all sheltered-in-place. If only our brains could have taken it easy... —Evan Pricco

Here is the Thinkspace schedule for their openings this weekend: Saturday, June 27 at 12:00PM PST, they will post our professionally shot video tour of their new exhibitions to Instagram TV. Saturday, June 27 from 1-2PM pacific time they will go live on our Instagram to tour the new exhibitions

Sunday, June 28 at 2pm pacific time they will post a full set of installation photos from both exhibitions to Facebook and blog. Monday, June 29 at 4pm pacific time they will share a link to their self-guided virtual tour of new exhibitions on all of their social networks.