At the apex of the pandemic in 2021, when we were all both excited and hesitant to enter the "real world" of interactions, exhibitons, in-your-face meetings, BEYOND THE STREETS opened a widely acclaimed exhibtion, On Paper, at the Southampton Arts Center on Long Island. That partership between the graffiti exhibition and the Hamptons' art center has now been shared again, with BTS opening a group show, POST GRAFFITI, expanding upon the 2023 show they had in Los Angeles.

POST GRAFFITI as a concept is at the core of BEYOND THE STREETS, representing the embodiment of a larger picture of how far it has all gone and how raw it still remains. Graffiti has become a cultural phenomenon that informs music, fashion, politics, entertainment, marketing, and, of course, contemporary art. It has been on the runways of major fashion houses and memorialized in books and documentaries. If a barometer is ever needed to indicate how far graffiti as a cultural touchstone has gone, The Simpsons, ever the etched-in-stone pop-cultural icon, has not only made Bart Simpson a tagger, but has featured a slew of graffiti artists over the years. So for the show to go out to the Hamptons is both an example of how much the genre has grown but also how much it obviously influences. 

BEYOND THE STREETS POST GRAFFITI is on view through July 20, 2024. 

Featured Artists:
Alexis Ross, Andrew Durgin-Barnes, Barry McGee, CHITO, Conor Harrington, C.R. Stecyk III, CRASH, Eric Haze, Guillaume Ollivier, Felipe Pantone, FUTURA2000, Greg Rick, Guerrilla Girls, Haroshi, HuskMitNavn, Jane Dickson, KATSU, Kenny Scharf, LA2, LADY PINK, Madsaki, Martha Cooper, Maya Hayuk, OSGEMEOS, Ozzie Juarez, Paul Insect, PRIEST, Tim Conlon, Timothy Curtis, Todd James, UFO907 and ZEPHYR