Before smartphones and Bluetooth speaker systems allowed near-constant access to music, boomboxes were vessels that could be carried anywhere to rouse listeners and take up space. Marked by their resoundingly heavy bass, boomboxes became an icon of 1980s street culture that could transform the mundane, offer entertainment, and act as a form of rebellion for carriers. Boomboxes were disruptors that both challenged and energized communities.

Over the course of four months, Salt Lake-based ceramicist Horacio Rodriguez cast ten porcelain boomboxes. Once molded and fired, each boombox was then passed to local artists—Lilian Agar, Andrew Alba, Fidalis Buehler, Hazel Rodriguez Coppola, Miguel Galaz, Jiyoun Lee-Lodge, Vicky Lowe, Andrew Rice, and Jorge Rojas––to paint and alter. Working in various mediums and styles, the artists collectively create an integrated and layered piece born from collaboration

Leaning on the concept of resonate disruption, Boombox Benefit is a collaborative exhibition and auction that engages local artists and organizations whose work vitalizes Salt Lake City communities. Each contributing artist was asked to choose a nonprofit organization to support that has helped them or benefited their community.

Half of the proceeds will go to the chosen non-profit organization, and half will go to the artist.

Participating Artists
Lilian Agar; Andrew Alba; Fidalis Buehler; Hazel Rodriguez Coppola; Miguel Galaz; Jiyoun Lee-Lodge; Vicky Lowe; Andrew Rice; Horacio Rodriguez; Jorge Rojas