If you remember back in June 2013, Juxtapoz dedicated an entire issue to the art and culturual impact of the Beastie Boys. A year after the passing of MCA, contributing editor Joey Garfield spent time with ADRock and all the artists who helped create their visual identity. The Beastie Boys made an incredible autobiography and tour after, BEYOND THE STREETS created an installation for them in their Brooklyn show in 2019. Now, Roger Gastman and his BTS and CONTROL Gallery in LA are creating EXHIBIT, a physical look at the art identity of one of the biggest groups of the last 40 years. 

CONTROL Gallery, BEYOND THE STREETS & Goldenvoice are pleased to announce EXHIBIT, the world’s most comprehensive survey of the iconic New York City music trio, Beastie Boys, opening December 10, 2022 at BEYOND THE STREETS and CONTROL Gallery in Los Angeles.

“The story of punk rock, hip-hop, skateboarding and graffiti wouldn’t be complete without a chapter on Beastie Boys and the inedible mark they made on a movement that harmoniously merged the worlds of music and youth culture into a soundscape and experience all of its own. As much "Crazy Eddie" as they are sneaker and sound connoisseurs, one would be hard-pressed to find another entity so perfectly embodying the themes of BEYOND THE STREETS. We’re excited to be able to share Beastie Boys' history to Los Angeles and inspire new generations of music and art fans alike,” shares Roger Gastman. 

Juxtapoz Beastie Boys June 2013