After premiering last night at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City’s The Backseat Lovers have shared the video for their song “Snowbank Blues,” Animated, directed, and created by Colin Lepper, an Emmy-nominated director specializing in stop motion animation, the video captures the longing imbued in the track’s chorus, “Wish I could roll the windows down/ But the snow has swallowed up our little town.” “Snowbank Blues” is off the band’s acclaimed 2022 album Waiting To Spill, out now via Capitol Records. Buy/Stream the album HERE.

Colin Lepper explained the making of the video, saying, “Creating this video for The Backseat Lovers was an absolute joy for me and a true labor of love. The trust and creative freedom I was granted every step of the way was so liberating, and having such a powerfully emotional song at its core really made this a dream project. I first fell in love with stop-motion when I was 14 by doing just this, making music videos in my bedroom to songs that inspired me, so to get to revisit that format years later with such a talented group was a very special experience. I hope the attention and care that went into every frame of this video results in something that people can connect with, and does this beautiful song some justice.”

The band’s frontman Joshua Harmon shares,  "Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been mystified by the beauty of stop motion and the instantly nostalgic feeling it can bring to a story. This song has always held a similar form or familiar nostalgia within myself, and to see Colin create a world around it with a level of emotion and vulnerability that connects you so deeply to the characters has been a joyful and moving experience. All four of us in the band are beyond grateful to have gotten to work with him on snowbank blues."