Jonathan Wilson has a new album, Eat the Worm, due out September 8th on BMG. Well known for his work as a producer with Father John Misty, Bright Eyes, Angel Olsen, Margo Price and many others, Wilson is also a solo artist whose sound is brilliant, at times fantastical and uniquely his own. Wilson's distinctive musical style has always been at the intersection of folk, rock, and psychedelic influences, and 'Eat the Worm', his upcoming album due out September 8th on BMG, is no exception. The album showcases Wilson's unique songwriting style and his ability to blend genres seamlessly.

Aside from the album cover art by a Juxtapoz favorite in Dang Olsen, Wilson's wife, Andrea Nakhla created all of the remaining artwork, from promo photos, album art, and music videos for the album. 

Nakhla's work outside of this collaboration with her husband can be seen here. Watch the video for the track, "Charlie Parker," below, and "Ol' Father Time," above, both created by Andrea Nakhla using AI stable diffusion, below. 

Jonathan Wilson Album Art Eat the Worm