"There Will Never Be A Gallery Big Enough": Juxtapoz Spring 2018 Issue Release @ Superchief NY with Carhartt WIP

Mar 09, 2018Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn

 CarharttxJux Flyer 05
On March 9th 2018, the team at Juxtapoz Magazine, along with our friends Carhartt Work In Progress and Superchief Gallery, will celebrate the release of our new Spring 2018 Quarterly (more to come). Alongside the issue release, Superchief will be opening a brand new group show, There Will Never Be A Gallery Big Enough, featuring a bunch of Juxtapoz friends, including, Jillian Evelyn (featured in the issue), Lolo YS, Alex Yanes, Jose Mertz, Bonethrower, Homelesscop, Yu Maeda and more!

There may never be a better title for a group art show. Superchief Gallery, in both its Brooklyn and Los Angeles locations, has always had a raw, unabashed curatorial eye, at times a beacon of outsider art, but also an intelligent epicenter of underground art and performance. From shows with artists from Sarah Sitkin to Swoon, gallery founders Edward Zipco and Bill Dunleavy have created a perfect haven for their artists. And, in a clever turn of phrase, Superchief NY’s next exhibition, There Will Never Be A Gallery Big Enough, is the perfect moniker. The concept centers around each artist making a few new works, and the gallery picking through the artist’s classics and pairing them together.

The show will feature Jillian Evelyn (featured in this issue), Lee Trice, Lil Kool, Lolo YS, Mike Diana, Alex Yanes, Jose Mertz, Baghead, Nomi Chi, Kristina Collantes, Bonethrower, Homelesscop, Yu Maeda, Miguel Ovalle, PoshGod, Coby Kennedy (whose assault rifle vending machine sculpture can be seen here), Ghostshrimp, John Felix Arnold, Ron Wimberly, Boykong and more. To commemorate the opening of the show, Juxtapoz and Carhartt WIP will host a Spring 2018 Quarterly release party on March 9, 2018. There may not be a gallery big enough to hold all of this action, but we’ll give it a try.

No RSVP! Free Entry!
March 9, 8pm—Midnight
Superchief Gallery NY

1628 Jefferson Ave, Ridgewood, NY