Think about Ibiza, and admit it, you are probably thinking EDM, MDMA, or some intense PDA. Now you can add CAN to the list, the acronym for Contemporary Art Now, a new art fair taking over the sun soaked destination of all destinations this summer with a robust and diverse group of international galleries and solo booths. When we first learned of the fair, organizers happily proclaimed the island’s storied attraction to both the most “advanced cultures (Phoenician, Greek)” and the “most advanced social and artistic movements with Hippies and the musical avant-garde.”

CAN Art Fair, indeed, feels like a welcoming return to adventure in art journeys, as Ibiza isn’t always on the map but an easygoing mantra to soak in some of the best art we cover. From NANZUKA in Tokyo, Stems in Brussels and Carl Kostyal in London, this has a very global scope for an island synonymous with flights of freedom and Dionysian pleasure. CAN has been created by the people beyond the annual Madrid fair, Urvanity, a contemporary art showcase in the vein of emerging and mostly European galleries, but with a Mediterranean backdrop. This summer looks to expand Spain’s supportive and nurturing position as a contemporary artworld powerhouse. And as the CAN organizers told Juxtapoz, the fair hours are 5 to 9pm—time for siesta, art watching, nightlife—or all of the above? —Evan Pricco

Here is a full gallery line-up, curated by Sasha Bogojev: Nanzuka Underground (Tokyo), Carl Kostyál (London/ Stockholm), WOAW Gallery (Hong Kong), M+B (Los Angeles), 1969 Gallery (New York), Ruttkowski;68 (Cologne/Düsseldor f/Paris), Dio Horia (Athens), Allouche Benias (Athens), Août Gallery (Beirut), Ballon Rouge (Brussels), Everyday Gallery (Antwerpen), Everyday Mooonday (Seoul), Exhibition A (NY), F2T (Milán), Gaa Gallery (Cologne/provincetown), Galerie Droste (Düsseldor f/Paris), Gallery Afternoon (Seoul), Johansson Projects (Oakland), Marian Cramer (Amsterdam), Moosey Art (Norwich/London), Plan X (Milan), Plus One + Galerie Sofie Van de Velde (Antwerp), Romero Paprocki (Paris), Seasons LA (Los Angeles), Septieme Gallery (Paris), Stems Gallery (Brussels), Superzoom (Paris), Cob Gallery (London), The Hole (NY), ArtNueve (Murcia), L21 Gallery (Mallorca), Galería Alegría (Barcelona), Veta (Madrid), Lundgren (Mallorca) and Poligrafa Obra Gráfica (Barcelona).