We can all admit, 2017 was a bit tumultuous no matter where you lived in the world. For the December 2017 issue, we went with a reflective pose, a piece of paradise in the distance vibe. Jules de Balincourt is the artist behind the December 2017 cover of Juxtapoz, and the NYC painter has been mastering the lush, adventure style paintings, transforming the rural and urban into a dreamlike setting. Sitting down with fellow NYC artist, Marcel Dzama, de Balincourt discusses community, Vincent Price and the surfing in Costa Rica. 


Also in the December 2017 issue:
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—A look back on the influential and illustrious career of Robert Rauschenberg   
APEXER on being a San Francisco staple
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—The MoMA asks the question, Is Fashion Modern?

—... and Robert Williams pens a tribute to his late friend, Juxtapoz co-founder, Greg Escalante


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