Undeterred by the Covid cancellation of their planned presentation at one of the biggest art museums in Brazil, Pinacoteca in Sao Paulo, OSGEMEOS recently celebrated a remote opening of their Korean debut solo show OSGEMEOS: You Are My Guest at Hyundai Card Storage. Enveloping the large exhibition space located in Itaewon in central Seoul with their large scale works and immersive installations, the twins bounced into the Korean capital with their signature mix of the traditional folk Brazilian culture and explosive hip-hop, breakdance energy.

Borrowing the title from the largest painting in the exhibition (below), a 2016 piece spanning 126" x 206", the presentation whirls visitors into a fantasy ride through the vibrantly curious world of Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo. With this hypnotic mixed-media piece, the brothers introduce a universe filled with abstruse symbols, primary colors, and geometric patterns that pulsate with the vibrant, eclectic traditions of their homeland, all flavored with old school Hip Hop culture. Composed of everything from wood carving, glitter over the textile, spray paint, as well as traditional painting and sculptural elements, the work is, of course,  populated by OSGEMEOS’ trademark umber khaki characters.


Built with their intuitive, peripatetic practice that includes paintings, murals, site-specific installations, and videos, the show begins with a large sculptural piece outside the venue. The light-emitting inflatable head of one of the men is jammed between the buildings like a golden full moon, stopping passers-by in their tracks, drawing them like a beam. Smaller versions of this piece bob around inside the space, accompanying a video installation, followed by OSGEMEOS' recurring installation of those reverse-dripping lights that have been favorites in recent shows. These gravity-defying lamps provide light for the selection of intricate, highly surreal paintings in the main room, which continues to a green room filled with personal ephemera, souvenirs, and works on found objects such as discarded windows, door frames, and mirrors. A cluster of painted record covers that form a colorful collage-like piece are a sweet tribute to the artists' huge love for music.


On view through October 11, 2020, OSGEMEOS: You Are My Guest presents the twins success in conveying the emotions and experiences through captivating visuals in a wide spectrum of 14 works (consisting of 244 pieces) in multiple genres. Continuously extending their elaborate dreams-inspired universe, OSGEMEOS awaits the moment when they can present their Sao Paulo museum show, as they prepare their upcoming gallery NYC solo show with Lehmann Maupin, opening on September 10th. —Sasha Bogojev