Opening at Thinkspace Projects on March 9th, FRESH returns with a new installment this year, showcasing a vast array of styles and mediums from around the world. The majority of the creatives featured all have solo shows or larger showings ahead with us in 2024 or 2025. This special presentation serves as a bit of a looking glass into our future. We fully believe in all of the artists featured and are so excited to share them with you all.

Featuring 2-4 new works each from: Kim Borja, GNCH, Lucas Lobo, Yu-Chun Ma | aka Pony Ma, Janiece Maddox, Eli McMullen, Muebon, Janina Myronowa, Bell Nakai, Taylor Schultek, Sr. Papá Chango, Andie Taylor, Melly Trochez, Wang Yalong, Yokoteen, Cheong Yoon and Jaime Zacarias | aka GERMS