A Greater Utah is an ambitious survey of artists living and working in Utah today. Curated by six leading curators, cultural coordinators, and artists working in a myriad of Utah counties and regions—from the rural, to the desert, to the capital­­­­–this collaborative curatorial approach destabilizes the singular voice of a set curatorial practice. Grounded in the most pressing issues across Utah, the show grants authorship to the six curators to select work that best represents the themes, identities, and creative practices within their region.

The exhibition’s varied and collective themes explore land use, climate change, identity, Indigenous rights and practices, language, social change, marginalization, geography, and what it means to be a Utahn today. It captures the transformative demographic, environmental, and cultural shifts happening within our state and seeks to gather and bridge communities at the intersection of art, culture, and geography.

The exhibition provides a site for oft-overlooked geographic and artistic centers, expands narratives and definitions of the local, and cultivates a chorus of Utah voices and perspectives. Grown from conversations between curators and artists, it also functions as an intimate portrayal of Utah, revealing the under-examined history of art making across the state.  Revealing emerging practices in the region, the show serves as a snapshot of art making in our ever-changing state.

As the title suggests, Utah is a greater place when these voices, perspectives, and concerns are heard as we envision and shape the future of our collective state.