One of the most powerful and socially active voices in street and contemporary art over the last 20 years, Swoon is set to open a new solo show of drawings, The Slow Reprise, at Galerie LJ on June 25, 2020. The exhibition will be the first time Swoon has solely presented drawings as opposed to linocuts, and the gallery will recreate Swoon's Brooklyn apartment installation of drawing works, many created during the shelter-in-place orders over the past few months. 

From the gallery, "In this context, she tried to find a word that would correspond to repeating something that had already been done, but more slowly, or differently. The Slow Reprise, the title of her new solo exhibition, can thus be interpreted in our two languages: 'to reprise' slowly, 'to mend' in English, or 'to start over', 'to start again' slowly, in French. A term that perfectly illustrates our current situation, after a global health crisis that invites us to rethink our habits, to start again with what we already have, but differently, as a second chance, to do better. SWOON thus takes up again all her sketchbooks, all her preparatory drawings that did not lead to a linocut print these past years, to give this gallery of portraits and patterns a second chance, different, in order to rediscover these people met and drawn during her many travels and projects."