It's that time, again, where adidas Skateboarding scours the underground scene, looking for super-talents from the world of art and skateboarding. On Saturday, June 15, from 7 to 11 pm at Canopy in Austin (Space 105 to be exact), the adidas Showcase will be on view with an array of painting, illustration, photography and sculpture from the Texas capital. The night will be hosted by Short Bus and feature a live musical performance by Duncan Fellows

Here is the Austin adidas Showcase line-up, in some cases, in their own words: 

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 9

Tim Kerr
Positive acts cause positive reactions. I sign my paintings, "your name here". Its a call to arms for the viewer to participate and celebrate in their own form of self-expression. What's YOUR story?

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 8

Olivia Miller
My paintings embody my life, the people I hold onto dearly and my daily thoughts… sometimes goofy, sometimes random, but always colorful. I love to incorporate the character of the surface in each painting whether it be spray paint, watercolor, ink or acrylic. I am always up for a challenge and find beauty in learning new skill sets. If I am not painting or skating, I am outside exploring.

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 1
Aaron Michalovic
Inspired by hand-made, process-evident building and art making, Aaron Michalovic's work ranges from timber frame structures to sculptural furniture and intricate wood collage.  

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 6
Mar Garcia
Living in Austin over the last five years has opened up my world as an artist and skateboarder.  Art is part of everything I do, from getting creative with skateboarding to seeing the imaginations of others come to life in video games.  It makes sense to put your creations on paper and then translate them into the real world; it's an experience I can't ever live without.

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 2Calvin Millar
The best decision I've ever made was to start skateboarding, and I've been fully obsessed with it ever since. It has taken me through beautiful parks, across mean streets, and down grimy alleyways - all with a camera in hand. I began documenting skating so I could capture all the talent surrounding me and study it in more detail. I am continually impressed by the skaters I photographed through the years, and I'm stoked to be surrounded by so much talent in Texas. I'm forever grateful to skateboarding for shaping my life and introducing me to the arts and good people. Thank you skateboarding!

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 10
Will Gaynor
Will Gaynor lives and works in Austin, Texas. His artwork is an interpretation of stories and experiences retold to create an ongoing personal and visual, canonical folktale.

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 5
Josh Row
Native Austinite Josh Row got into graphic design at a young age, when he fell in love with the illustrations on his skateboard decks. These days, he's focused on creating innovative designs and painting murals for his independent venture, Showgoat Mural Works. When he's not designing murals and whiskey labels, Josh serves as co-owner and design director for No-Comply skate shop in Austin.

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 3
Dharam Khalsa
I started taking photos so I could explore new ways to express myself and stay busy while I was recovering from an injury. It evolved in to a way to interact with the world and to still go skating with my friends. Skateboarding always inspired me to look at the world differently because I was always looking for skate spots and my photographs naturally spilled over in the rest of the world because of my broad range of interests. These are all photos of time spent with friends and places I've gone. It feels like a blessing to have been made to slow down and to be able to see and appreciate just how talented and colorful my friends are. These photos are some of my most favorite and an insight into my evolution as a photographer.

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 7
Niz is an Austin-based stencil artist from Lima, Peru, who began as a skateboard/grip tape artist and progressed into large scale mural art. She is a self-taught, urban-rooted artist whose style blends crisp photorealism with abstract, watered down color. Niz uses foreground and background as a metaphor for the individual and the environment, often fusing both to show the tension and unity between them. She often incorporates iconic imagery with a magical feel, using familiar symbols to communicate a whimsical effect. Female power and energy are at the forefront of her work. One of her goals as an artist is to bridge the gap between humans and their environment and empower women through powerful female visual representation. Niz frequently paints in the Yucatan region of Mexico, where she hopes to raise awareness about ocean conservation. Her murals can also be found in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, and Texas. Niz is a member of the crew Few and Far.

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Individual FNL 4
Erin Bower
Erin Bower was born and raised in Texas and graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Graphic Design in 2015. One early influential events in Erin's artistic journey was a painting she created after the death of her grandfather. She painted his portrait for her grandmother and was surprised by the likeness she was able to capture. This event and the effect it had on her family was one of the first to make her see how powerful an artistic career could be. Since graduating, Erin has worked with a local Austin mural painting company painting murals all over Texas. The majority of her fine art skills are self-taught and in that time she has utilized resources like online classes and fellow artists to gain as much knowledge as possible. The past four years have been an ever-changing journey to find her style and voice. She is inspired by a variety of influences from renaissance art to comic books and continues to mix these different influences in impactful ways.

Adidas Showcase AustinTX 2019 Insta Carousel FNL 1