Superchief Gallery and Tlaloc Studios proudly present Demasiado a physical and digital group art exhibition that will span between both galleries, just 10 city blocks apart. Both Downtown LA galleries are known for their community-minded approach to curation, public art exhibitions, swap meets, educational programming, and consistently discovering and incubating new local talent. 


The galleries are known to produce LA's best group exhibitions, intermixing established and emerging artists in impressive salon-style installations, and building bridges between disparate art communities. This approach to group presentation explains the name, 'Demasiado,' which translates in English to "Too much." Combining forces for this special exhibition, Superchief and Tlaloc will reach for new heights of maximalism together. 

The exhibition features two gallery installs, one at Tlaloc, and one at Superchief, as well as a significant digital component that will premiere at Superchief Gallery LA's digital gallery, and then tour to Superchief NFT in NYC, and NFT Paris. 

By joining forces for this collaboration, Tlaloc and Superchief further cement their missions of providing artists with new opportunities for sales and exposure, community inclusivity, and boundary pushing exhibitions.

The exhibition features over 100 artists, curated by Ozzie Juarez and Bill Dunleavy. It will feature the first NFT releases for many artists including Ozzie Juarez, Mike Meds, and more.

Bill Dunleavy is the co-founder and director of Superchief Gallery. He has directed Superchief Gallery LA since 2014. Ozzie Juarez is the founder and director of Tlaloc Studios, as well as a fine art painter seeing a momentous rise in 2023. He's recently been profiled in the LA Times, Juxtapoz Magazine, and collaborated with a wide range of influential curators this year.