As we previously reported, Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope is currently having a solo show at Gordon gallery in Tel Aviv presenting an intricate installation encompassing a wide range of his creative output. Fittingly titled A Pathology of Hope, the exhibition looks more like a science or history museum exhibit rather than an art show.

From anonymous work on the streets of his hometown to his more recent, conceptual works based on obsessive research on the human state, Yekutieli has been working with everything from text and drawing to sculpture and photography. This current solo show, his first in Tel Aviv for four years, features work from all of those periods, focused on his most frequently recurring theme–– hope.

In our Summer 2018 issue, Know Hope talked a bit about where his intentions and origins. This particular show is a physical and coherent extension of such efforts, as it provides elements that are meant to trigger viewers' comprehension of the notion of hope. Continuously focused on understanding the complexity of human nature, the backgrounds of conflict and hope on any level, Yekutieli constructed a setting which dissects these terms to their finest elements. From broken clay birds, stitched canvases, stapled branches, a collection of burnt paper, unbent parts of a wire fence, to signature hands representing friendly and calming gestures, A Pathology of Hope creates an atmosphere in which hope and rebuilding are constant. Captured in poetic ways, through countless visual and verbal metaphors, they are a foundation for more peaceful, forgiving realities than the one we're in.––Sasha Bogojev