Even with the context of art history, it seems like a wonderful time to examine how the vessel not only fits into our lives but how it fits into our lives over the last year or so. Vessel, as a group show and concept, has probably changed in our lives over the last 18 months, what we deem important, what we move with, what we carry on our backs or in our hearts. For an artist, it could be communicating that on a canvas or in a ceramic work, or sculptures or even re-interpreting past Masters and their conversations with vessels. It's a great topic, and Hashimoto's Dasha Matsuura has taken it on.

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Vessel a group exhibition inspired by the classical form and motif found throughout art history and contemporary art practices alike. Laden with symbolic meaning and layered with historical references, each of the artists’ works featured brings a fresh perspective to the archetypical form.

Participating artists include:
Laura Berger | Jackie Brown | Marian Bull | Cynthia Chen | Chiaozza | Stephen D’Onofrio | Francisco Diaz Scotto (Pastel) | Nicole Dyer | Jillian Evelyn | Christopher Gale | David Heo | Mattie Hinkley | Katie Kimmel | Courtney Krings | marinatedclouds | Munisa | Hilda Palafox | Saint Flora (Tosha Stimage) | Stephanie H. Shih | Lorien Stern | Josh Stover | Anna Valdez | Chelsea Wong | Leif Zikade

In order to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff, please note that masks are required for entry. To schedule an appointment, please click HERE.