As we are the beginning of an art fair week in NYC, and after our preview of the Armory Show a few weeks ago, we are looking at what will be a standout fair in Future Fair 2021, being hosted at the Starrett-Lehigh Building from September 10—12, 2021. This is the first "in-person" edition of Future Fair, featuring 34 exhibitors within 16 bespoke exhibition rooms, with an emphasis on "cross-exhibitor collaboration, with several exhibitors partnering with a curated concept to encompass their shared room." 

“After a year and a half postponement of the inaugural show, and pivoting into digital exhibitions, the sense of jubilation both here in New York City and within our team is bursting with energy,” said Future Fair Co-Founders Rachel Mijares Fick and Rebeca Laliberte. “The self-actualization of Future Fair within the context of a life-changing pandemic has taught us so much about resilience, teamwork and allowing Future Fair to have the space to teach us its own evolutionary path. We wouldn’t be able to keep this dream going if it wasn’t for the continued support from our existing and new exhibitors, for whom we have so much pride and gratitude to work with.”

Richard Beavers Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) with Ilèkùn Wa (Brooklyn, NY)

Ross + Kramer (New York & East Hampton, NY) with STEMS (Brussels, Belgium) MOTHER (Beacon, NY) with SUNNY NY (New York, NY)

Over The Influence (Los Angeles, CA; Hong Kong, CN; Bangkok, TH) with REGULARNORMAL (New York, NY)

New Discretions (New York, NY) with THE PILL® (Istanbul, Turkey)

Dominique Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) with Elijah Wheat Showroom (Newburgh, NY) and Superposition (Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY)

slag gallery (New York, NY) with Galerie RX (New York, NY & Paris, France)

Asya Geisberg (New York, NY) with ada gallery (Richmond, VA) Samsøñ (Boston, MA) with Tern (Nassau, The Bahamas)

HESSE FLATOW (New York, NY) with Tyler Park Presents (Los Angeles, CA)

The Proposition (New York, NY) with Nyama Fine Art (Martha's Vineyard, MA)

Western Exhibitions (Chicago, IL) with Tatjana Pieters (Ghent, Belgium)

Massey Klein (New York, NY) with bitforms (New York, NY)

LAUNCH F18 (New York, NY) with Seasons (Los Angeles, CA) and Dutton (New York, NY)

SEASON (Seattle, WA) with Dinner Gallery (New York, NY)

Trotter&Sholer (New York, NY) with Swivel Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)