Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to announce their participation in Art Miami. The gallery has shown in the Miami art fairs since 2013 and are thrilled to be exhibiting in Art Miami for the third time. The booth will exhibit new and recent works by Kim Cogan, Francisco Diaz Scotto (Pastel), Erik Jones, Jean Jullien, So Youn Lee, Pat Perry and Rachel Strum.

Kim Cogan’s oil paintings utilize the expressive nature of the medium to represent the many moods and environs of American cities. Cogan eschews the iconic views of places such as New York, Chicago, and his adopted home of San Francisco in favor of more common sights: alleyways, homes, cemeteries, and residential neighborhoods. Francisco Diaz Scotto (Pastel) references local Argentinian flora in his paintings, using memories and emotions from his past roots as a missionary to create works that represent a myriad of home scenes, outdoor jungles, twilight hours and the occasional house dog. Erik Jones is a contemporary painter based in Florida. His work is vibrant and colorful, expressing a heightened sense of realism captured in his subjects, and juxtaposed with sporadic mark making and nonrepresentational forms. Jean Jullien is a French artist living and working in Paris. His practice ranges from painting and illustration to photography, video, costume, installations, books, posters and clothing to create a coherent yet eclectic body of work.

So Youn Lee is best known for her ethereal, dream-like aesthetic with explosions of colors and textures, centering around a child-like no-gender character named Mango, who reflects Lee's contemplation of 'what can be the essence of human being', and portrays the ideals and struggles of human existence as aliens and voyagers in her work. Pat Perry is an American visual artist based in small downtown neighborhood on Detroit's East Side. The artist works primarily in painting, drawing, photographing, and installing large-scale outdoor mural installations. Rachel Strum is an abstract artist based in Dallas, Texas. Working with various mediums ranging from acrylic paint, aerosol paint, and poured resin she builds layered images that consider and explore the constructs of time and space.