There are cool things happening in Grass Valley, and The Chambers Project is right in the center of seemingly all of it. The opening night for Oliver's new show was a packed house full of people who had come from as far away as LA to see his mind-bending paintings and party in a place where everyone is welcome and considered friends. I love coming up here for these nights and catching up with Brian, Mars-1, and the rest of the crew. It never disappoints. Until next time. - Mike Stalter

The Chambers Project is very excited to announce its first Oliver Vernon solo show since opening its doors. Vernon is a Grass Valley-based artist whose work is grounded in his commitment to exploring form and movement, and their relationship with the psychological states that create the nature of reality. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is featured in numerous collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The show features a series of paintings, drawings and sculpture. “It’s not about making something; it’s about the feeling of doing it,” Vernon says. “It’s like a pure expression of some transcendental space.”

As an artist, Vernon concerns himself with penetrating the flat surface of the canvas and providing the viewer with a full range of near and far perspectives using his mastery over grayscale, tonality, saturation differences, and then overlapping all these elements together. The collection includes black-and-white pen and ink work that illustrates this very concept – a technique he has been using since his youth.

“It’s kind of my sweet spot, my home, my most comfortable space,” he said.

From black-and-white pieces to paintings imbued in the color palette of imagination, each work aims at bending the laws of physics and tells a story of transient archetypes searching out their final places within the framework of the cosmos.

For The Chambers Project gallery founder Brian Chambers this show is deeply personal. His relationship with Vernon dates back to 2008 when the gallerist first met the artist and began collecting his work. In 2009 they began their collaborative partnership and there have been many projects in many forms since then. 

"Counterpoint marks the fifth show that Oliver Vernon and I have done together in the 15 years we've been friends and it is certainly the best," Chambers said to Juxtapoz. "The depth and range of mediums on display is very unique and the driftwood sculptural pieces are unlike anything I've ever seen and something that Oliver has never shown. Oliver's monochromatic works have always been some of my favorites and the works from "Counterpoint" are definitely some of his absolute best. Through the warped lens of Billow to the classical flow of Maha, there is plenty to look at and many journeys the viewer can take. This exhibition will be open until May 6 so mark your calendars and come see for yourself that this is not one you want to miss!" - Brian Chambers