What exactly is a tradition? It can be a shared experience established by a family and community to be sustained over time or part of a larger cultural expression, the origins of which may be lost to the past and distant spaces. Either way, our vast Southern California landscape claims many of these traditions as its own. Traditions pays homage to the many familial and cultural facets of our diverse region. This special collaborative exhibition, curated by Thinkspace Projects and Tlaloc Studios, celebrates the many ways we honor heritage, ritual, and family through the artistic expression of working SoCal artists.

Taking part in TRADITIONS are: Adrian Armstrong, Daniel Antelo, Jimmy Bonks, Brek, Danie Cansin,o Jonni Cheatwood, Giorgiko, Elmer Guevar,a Daniela Garcia Hamilton, Sydnie Jimenez, Haylie Jimenez, Mario Joyce, Larry Li, Natalia Lopez, Erick Medel, Mike Meds, Kristy Moreno, Estevan Oriol, Jerry Peña, The Perez Bros, Carlos Ramirez, Jaklin Romine, Floyd Strickland, Rain Szeto, Georgina Trevino, Jacqueline Valenzuela, Michael Vasquez, Daisy Velasco, and Mario Ybarra Jr.