Is it an installation? One art piece? And if so, is it the largest drawing we have ever seen? It's hard to say at this point, because the audacity, patience, persistence that Sam Cox, aka Mr. Doodle, had to have to paint every inch of his 12-room home in Kent, England over the course of a few years, is, well, hard to understand or pindown. But maybe that is the point. Cox proclaimed on this IG, simply "I just doodled my house!," and that seems to be just about right. 

But as we saw in a preview this week, it's much more than just a doodle. It took two years, and, as the Guardian noted, "900 litres of emulsion, 401 spray-paint cans, 286 bottles of drawing paint and 2,296 pen nibs." For many of us, that span of the pandemic was basically a time of self-reflection and re-imagining or just a bit of a break. For Cox, it was a life's work. Already a popular artist, one who stands outside the gallery sysyem and has over 2.7m followers to boot, he isn't unfamiliar to a following. This may put him, and now his wife, who plan to live in the house, over the top. 

Stay tuned to our Radio Juxtapoz podcast conversation with Mr. Doodle in the coming week. All photography by Doug Gillen for Juxtapoz.