Mirus Gallery San Francisco presents LOCAL LEGENDS a dynamic group exhibition featuring over 80+ Bay Area based artists. An opening reception will be held at from 7—10pm on Friday, March 4th. 

The Local Art Community is what makes the city of San Francisco so vibrant. Mirus Gallery continues our yearly tradition of a Locals Only exhibition. This time we are switching up the show to include legendary local artists who have helped build and maintain this vibrant art community for years. Staying true to tradition, Mirus has also invited fresh, new talent to be included for the first time, as our local art community continues to grow and flourish.

Featured Artists: Adam Caldwell, Ajin No, Alec Huxley, Amandalynn, Amber Allen, Angela Efe, APEXER, Art Poesia, Blane Asrat, Brandon Hurley, Brian Barneclo, Calvin Lai, Casey Cripe, Celine Vasquez, Chanoh Heo, Chor Boogie, Daniel Segrove, Daryll Peirce, David Choong Lee, D Young V, Dilcia Giron, Doug Rhodes, Dylan Blackstone, Dylan Mertz, Eddie Colla, Emily Fromm, Eric Joyner, Felicia Ann, Gale Hart, Helice Wen, Ian Ross, Jaxon Northon, J.L. King, Jeremiah Allen Welch, Jessica Caputo, Joel Villegas, Jose D' Gregorio, Josh Thurman, Joshua Lawyer, Julie Engelmann, King Nissen, Lady Henze, Laura Gonzalez, Leon Loucheur, luciano Roque, Luis Tinoco, Marion Navasero, Max Ehrmann, Micah Lebrun, Michael Walsh, Mike Davis, Misha Vladimirski, MJ Lindo, Nate Geare, Nate VanDyke, Nick Flatt, Nome Edonna, Optimist, Patrick Hofmeister, Paul Kalcic, PEMEX, Phillip Hua, Ransom and Mitchell, Raul D'Mauries, RED-X TEX, Ricky Watts, Robert Bowen, Romanowski, Russel Deleon, Ryan Stubbs, Sam Flores, Sarupa Sidaarth, SILENT (Nicolas Tamura), Sofia Venegas, Ted Vasin, Ted Wong, Terry Hoff, Tex Buss, Todd Kurnat, Yijun Ge