Having spent much time with Jean Jullien over the past few years, we know that he and his brother, Nico, love to collaborate and share artistic ideas with each other. We are told what they have in common is a quirky sense of humor and observational art. The two have collaborated once again on a new solo show, Les Sources, where the two brothers start with an identical starting point (a souvenir, an anecdote, a banal objet, a place) and create their own artwork in their own unique aesthetic. The new works will be on display at Galerie Slika in Lyon, France from February 20—March 28, 2020. 

"The exhibition is named after a family house— Les Sources—which overflows with objects and inspiration: from Oncle Pierre’s antiques to Aprère’s pear trees and Mamette’s porcelain and Vuillard-like tapestry. Some of the artworks shown here take direct inspiration from these pieces, at times quite literally, at other times more elliptically, but always with a deep sense of poetry that continues to characterize the work of the artists. Through their unique ways of invention, the Jullien brothers reveal their affinities and likenesses (fraternal, familial and familiar), of what they share and what they like together, but always in their own way.

"Correspondences start to emerge from one artwork to another, connecting the past to the present, the personal to the universal, individual stories to history. One feels moved in the presence of these objects, images and sounds—willfully ingenuous and charmingly naïve—and touched by their evocative power, which invites us to lose ourselves through contemplation.

"It is with an obvious pleasure that Jean and Nicolas Jullien invite us into their world; to share a piece of their unique and moving conversation." —Melanie Dautreppe-Liermann