Subliminal Projects is pleased to present JUST OUTSIDE YOUR CENTRE by emerging South African artists Keya Tama and Elléna Lourens. Since meeting in high school in 2013, the long-time collaborators have traveled the world extensively, completing over 20 murals and projects individually and collectively. The exhibition features a series of new singular and joint works, investigating scenes of intimacy, tenderness, and stillness.

Just Outside Your Centre is a deeply personal body of work, in part holding within it the story of our collaborative relationship and friendship. This exhibition has been a long time in the making, and we are honoured to exhibit it with Subliminal Projects, who have hosted and worked with so many great artists that we look up to personally.”—Keya Tama and Elléna Lourens

Keya and Elléna’s creative relationship initially began exploring film, music, art, and eventually murals. In this process, they developed an intuitive, organic method in which they can lean into each other’s strengths while celebrating each other’s distinct perspectives.

While their individual practices draw from different points of reference, Keya’s exuberant and nostalgic scenes contrast the an- cient and contemporary, and Elléna’s figures bring about a romantic melancholy, there is a shared visual language that links their works fluently. With precise tonality, figurative emphasis, and narrative-driven references to ancient design, they create a common vision from a singular point of emotion. These scenes generate a stillness in passing moments, kept safe and sacred, just outside one’s centre.