Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present the group exhibition, Buscando Recuerdos. Inspired by her Guatemalan heritage, curator Jennifer Rizzo utilized the exhibition as a way to explore her own memories and sense of identity through the contemporary art scene. Contemplating a connection to her roots, these themes of recollection and self awareness are reflected in the exhibition, and are considered by many of the featured artists within their daily practice. Highlighting ten artists, the exhibition represents eight countries, and serves to capture a snapshot of contemporary Latinx femme-identifying artists.

Miami born and based Natalia Juncadella brings her Colombian and Cuban background to the foreground through her choice of vivid colors, bold strokes and familiar imagery, stacking visual and emotional layers through the portrayal of interior spaces, intimate moments and memories. New York based Dominican-United Statesian multi-disciplinary artist Joiri Minaya’s Dominican Women Google Search Postcard series grapples with the representation of brown and black women in art, the interchangeability of women’s bodies and landscape in visual culture, the feminization of landscape and the idealization and commodification of both.

Born and currently based in Mexico City, Hilda Palafox explores shape and color through her elegant, commanding figures. Working with an earth toned palette, each piece is filled with symbolism and recurring elements such as florals and natural landscapes. Brazilian twin sisters Uinverso’s work delves into the concept of perception and the different universes that exist in the same space, navigating the paradoxes and mysteries that structure society. Each artist in Buscando Recuerdos holds a distinct voice, carrying the legacy of their past while simultaneously adding to the canon that will be inherited in years to come.