"I think a creative life is always about constantly trying to have a new mindset," Jean Jullien said of his massive museum show, Then, There, in Seoul. "In this exhibition, I want to show the process of how the passion in my heart has changed and has been expressed through art." With every detail considered and every nuance and widespread angle of Jullien's scope covered, this is a proper mid-career look at the artist, from illustration to graphics, fine art to sculpture and literally everything in between. Jullien is a workhorse, and it seems here there is a clarity to his massive output. 

The way the show is laid out, as well, gives new energy to all of his work. Each portion of his idenity is given space to breath. The sketchbooks hold everything together, where you can see Jullien's works go off in so many directions from the simple sketches. You can see where the cartoon-like life comes from, or the ornate and peaceful coastal and countryside paintings are born. And in the end, Then, There is about process, a signature show from an artist who has evolved and remained in so many creative fields as his career has grown. —Evan Pricco