If there was ever a year where we started to think in the abstract, need we say more? One of the interesting developments we have begun to see in the art world is that more artists have had a chance to experiment, to explore new directions and, at times, create some fantastic textured and abstract works. Hashimoto Contemporary's Dasha Matsuura has her finger on the pulse for this era, curating a new group show In the Abstract for the San Francisco space, featuring Abel Macias, Ellen Rutt, Rachel Strum and Madeleine Tonzi. From geometric patterns, color landscapes and surrealism, each artist featured is presenting new works. 

Ranging from the purely abstract patterns in Ellen Rutt's textile based works to the loose landscape references of Abel Macias' work, each of the artists featured express intangible moments in each piece. Rachel Strum's (pictured above) work blaze in a riot of color and texture, creating a cosmic depth in each color field. Working with reclaimed and scrap textiles, Ellen Rutt engages the tradition of quilting in times of crisis to create fluid patterns and bold compositions.

Punctuating her works with points of entry, Madeleine Tonzi's paintings float across blush toned planes dotted with surreal architectural structures. Abel Macias' gestural paintings examine texture and pattern while intimating a natural space and visualizing a warm summer breeze. Each of the artists featured creates a non- specific space for the viewer to pour into.

Join Hashimoto for a live walk through of the exhibition and an artist Q&A on Saturday, February 13th on Instagram live. The gallery will be open by appointment only. In order to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff, please note that masks are required for entry. To schedule an appointment, please click HERE.