La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present In My Room, a group exhibition featuring work by August Lipp, Alex Graham, Jared Tharp, North x Carolina, Roger Betka, and Paul Torres from February 19th -March 20th, 2022.

Creation does not end with the finished artwork when you’re an artist. Creation is a force constantly at work within, resulting in a rich internal life only the artist can truly know and understand. These worlds are articulated in a self-created visual language that is often surreal and symbolic; a dripping neon fantasy. ‘A room of one’s own’ has always been a necessity for artists, whether it be a four-walled studio or an internalized headspace for their restless minds and creative impulses. After experiencing a collective quarantine and separation, we are all curious to peek into the windows of these kinds of spaces and see the imagined reality of others.

The work selected for this show presents a glimpse into the mind of these talented artists and the boundless worlds and stories they imagine for themselves and their work. Featuring eye-catching color, kinetic patterns, and fluid forms, this show is an invitation to shut the door and sit with the mind of another.