Cody Hudson has a way of making abstraction feel alive, almost like a still-life that feels both foreign and known. His use of shapes and color are his signature styles, spread across paintings, sculptures and installation-based works. Through January 18 ,2020, David B. Smith Gallery presents I Came Home, a solo exhibition of sixteen new paintings and powder coated steel sculptures by the Chicago-based artist. 

From the gallery: "A continual development of color palate and aesthetic, Hudson’s fluid studio practice encourages playfulness, balance, and visual harmony. Slowly moving through combinations of color and subject matter, allowing for a natural progression of visual ideas to reflect on canvas, Hudson methodically deconstructs and reincorporates design elements into paintings and sculptures that feel authentic to the moment.

"Without the external influence of reference images of his intended subject matter, I Came Home captures the artist’s interpretive vision of the Denver landscape, complete with budding plants and panoramic views. I Came Home is an invitation into an environment of Hudson’s creation, inspired by Colorado yet uniquely his own."