Mark your calendars, bring your dogs. Soon after we discovered our ability to create images that last, we made pictures of dogs. From prehistoric paintings created over 8000 years ago in the Middle East and India to portraits of pets commissioned by European nobility in the 1600s, dogs have been our constant companions not just in life, but also in art. Hashimoto Contemporary continues this age-old tradition with For the Love of Dog, a group exhibition featuring over thirty artists who each offer their own unique interpretation of our canine companions. Ranging from heartfelt to heartbreak, this exhibition highlights how we continue to cherish, uphold, fear, and idolize our species' best friends.

A dog’s company can feel very human-like. Erin Armstrong’s poised and posed pups take on an air of their owners’ elegance, while Joey Wolf’s wrinkly gray bulldog lazes on a pink couch, licking his lips, her belly on display. No matter how human, dogs require consistent care. Thomas Martinez attempts to keep a dog away from his ceramic chicken bones by discarding them under a tufted tree; Laura Noguera illustrates a woman crying a puddle of tears for her dog to drink, still caring for it even after they are gone.

Dogs also represent the spectrum of endearing to endangered. Nick Kennedy’s heart melting hound sits pretty at a decadent supper, welcoming company, while David Heo’s menacing mongrels bare their teeth, a warning sign. In the scope of absurdity, Stephen Morrison’s peculiar scenes of dog-flowers beautify as home decor, their sleepy eyes and twitching noses imperceptible to the distracted viewer. From allusions to art history to visions of futuristic obscenities, For the Love of Dog is a celebration of a rich and timeless subject: the adoration, temptation, or lamentation of dog.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, August 19th, from 6 to 8 pm. The opening will double as a dog adoption event with the LA-based dog rescue, Wags & Walks, who are also a beneficiary of the exhibition. The show will be on view through September 9th. 

Participating Artists: Jess Ackerman | Erin Armstrong | Sabrina Bockler | Debra Broz | Mike Chattem | Sebastian Curi | Thomas Danthony | Madelynn de la Rosa | Francisco Diaz Scotto | James Eddy | Jillian Evelyn | Mary Finlayson | Maya Fuji | Mark Gagnon | Abigail Goldman | Emily Harter | David Heo | Matthew Kam | Nicholas Kennedy (pictured above) | Katie Kimmel | Chelsie Kirkey | Tyler Krasowski | Kristen Liu Wong | Megan Ellen MacDonald | Michael McGregor | Stephen Morrison | Taylor Lee Nicholson | Jodie Niss | Laura Noguera | Luke Pelletier | Thomas Martinez Pilnik | Simone Quiles | Allison Reimold | Zach Rosebrugh | Stacey Rozich | Adam Shrewsbury | Fred Smith | Lorien Stern | David Surman | Keer Tanchak | Brandon Vosika | Woodrow White | Adrian Kay Wong | Joey Wolf | Justin Yoon | Angela Zirbes | Alex Ziv | Mark Zubrovich