GR gallery is pleased to present at the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2024, with a group presentation featuring artists Tania Marmolejo Andersson (Santo Domingo, 1975) Egami Etsu (Tokyo, 1994), Jerkface (New York, 1982), Ai Madonna (Tokyo, 1984), Buff Monster (Hawaii, 1979), Johan Wahlstrom (Stockolm, 1959), Naritaka Satoh (Tokyo 1979), and Juan Cuellar Costa (Valencia, 1967).

The exhibition will present new body of works, implementing paintings and sculptures that are appositely being created for this occasion. Tania’s work juxtaposes the intimate and personal implications with the monumental, creating compositions of ambiguous female facial expressions. Etsu’s artworks give the impression of a mixed culture, her practice is rooted in her international background. She treats oil paint as a kind of fluid ink, which is used in oriental calligraphy, alternating horizontal and sinuous stripes. Jerkface nostalgic and subversive style, is most widely recognized for its playful re-imaginings of pop culture iconography. His style can be defined by the use of character repetition and geometric abstraction. The vivid Manga influences in Ai Madonna’s style are somehow overturned by the action of cutting out the body of the character, an action considered taboo in this realm, and leaving all the connections just to the expression of the face and the reflections in the eyes. Buff Monster’s distinctive style – influenced by black metal music, ice cream and Japanese culture – is dominated by different shades of pink that he associates with confidence and individuality. A painter and sculptor, Wahlstrom mixes a sense of angst for the oppressive politics with a memory of youthful times when his world was a stage, the artist paints an expressive picture for everyman.