Gomez Bueno's has just opened Zemog Surf Laboratories at Nave Sotoliva, Santander. Spain. The project documents the evolution of a fictitious surf company from the 1970s through the creation of a wide series of drawings, three-dimensional objects, photographs and digital creations.

From the gallery: The story begins as the company breaks into the market at the end of the 60s with an original surfboard. This board has an unusual and innovative shape reminiscent of a rocket and also with three fins, something that revolutionized the world of surfing. A futuristic, versatile, fast and manageable board that allowed previously unthinkable maneuvers. It also helped that the board was accompanied by an eccentric publicity campaign. As a result of the monumental success and garnered popularity, the brand diversified and became a globally influential giant in the early 1970s. As proof we have a collection of the many magazine covers featuring the company. The brains behind Zemog SL embraced the hippie culture while becoming wealthy capitalists. They frequented Indonesia, Nepal and Afghanistan. They opposed the Vietnam War and supported the civil rights movement. They were reading William Burroughs and Timothy Leary. Instead of organizing championships, they organized “Mind Opening Surf Sessions.” Intellectuals like Albert Hoffman acted as masters of ceremonies and all surfed under the influence of hallucinogens. The company’s life was short but intense and definitely influential, even in its resounding fall.

Zemog Surf Laboratories was a very successful company, so they were able to hire the best underground artists of the moment to do illustrations, posters and merchandising. The chosen artists were the Olympus of the decade including Jux founder Robert Williams, Jack Kirby, Rick Griffin, Tony Edwards, Ed Roth, Bob Peñuelas, Gilbert Shelton, Ed Newton, Bill Odgen, Dr. Seuss, Robert Crumb, Victor Moscoso, Ward Kimball, Art Paul, Charles M. Schulz, André Franquin, Basil Wolverton and Francisco Ibáñez among others. All these drawings in the current project have been created manually by Gómez Bueno in the style of these artists and trying to capture the spirit of the time.

This project has the participation of renowned personalities from the world of surfing and skateboarding. Some athletes in this project have been world champions, participated in the Olympics, are considered living legends or were media stars. They all used boards designed by the artist to glide on the waves or the asphalt and thus became members of the promotion team of Zemog Surf Laboratories. Enjoy this 1970’s parallel universe.

The show is on view through October 1st, 2023.