“MEET ___ PROJECT” by AllRightsReserved has once again teamed up with renowned Japanese artist face oka, joining forces with long-term partner Gallery Target to present face oka’s first overseas solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Titled “MEET FACE OKA GALLERY” by AllRightsReserved, Storyboard is a two-week art exhibition that unveils an exquisite collection of face oka’s 25 brand-new acrylic paintings and 3 sculptural artworks.

In this exhibition, face oka introduces a fresh creative perspective with the meticulous creation of a series of imaginary movie scenes. Stemming from face oka 's deep-rooted interest in Japanese movies of the late 90s to the early 00s, these new works are filled with aspirational spirits, envisioning the spectators to derive their own narratives.

face oka also immerses himself in the realm of landscape oil paintings for the first time. He attempts to embody the essential "Liminal Spaces" in cinema, where scenes are connected through sceneries. These bridging shots convey the intricate connections between space and time in feature films. The artist drew an analogy between his creations and “STORYBOARD”, mirroring his thoughts in the beholder's mind for boundless imagination.