Jen Stark is always about creating a transport to another dimension. Her murals were bright, psychedelic escapes, her sculptures portals to another world and her paintings like drippy extracts of a mushroom trip. 

Now, Art Market Productions is excited to announce Cascade, an interactive and immersive experience by renowned multimedia artist, Jen Stark. Located at the stunning William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (111 N 12th St), Cascade transports visitors into the artist’s colorful dreamworld. From September 17 to October 24, 2021, visitors are invited to experience Stark’s mind-bending interactive projections, 3-D mapped environments, murals and sculptures presented across 6,000 square feet of exhibition space. Cascade will also introduce a series of NFTs available for auction, as well as $STARK coin, a social token promoting community involvement. For further information on NFTs, show hours, ticket pricing and conjunctive programming, please visit

To bring her hypnotic visions and sacred geometries to life, Stark collaborated with a team of highly skilled computer programmers trained in augmented reality and projection mapping. As viewers walk through Cascade, they will be surrounded in an experience full of tantalizing visual effects and enveloping sounds. Kaleidoscopic environments showcase the artist’s signature drips, cascades, and alien forms. Visitors will be immersed in Stark’s ecosphere of kinetic, undulating patterns inside the portal gallery and the waterfall room.


In Stark’s practice, the Los Angeles-based artist distills complex ideas from the fields of math, science, and physics, such as optical illusions, The Fibonacci Sequence, fractals, and Riemannian geometry, into approachable and engaging works of art. Stark’s mesmerizing patterns and vibrant colors subtly alter perception while unearthing complex systems found in the natural world, referencing everything from fractals seen in crystalline structures and ferns to the attractant/repellent properties of flowers encouraging pollination or insects warning birds of their poisonous traits.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, select animated projections featured in Cascade will be minted as NFTs and auctioned online. Recently, Stark’s Multiverse NFT auctioned for a whopping 150 ETH ($343,071) in March, with the sale catapulting Stark onto the leaderboard as the first female artist in Foundation’s top 10 highest selling creators. In conjunction with Cascade, Stark is partnering with, to launch the $STARK coin, a social token that promotes community involvement in the artist’s vibrant pursuits. Holders of $STARK coin will have exclusive access to a gated Discord community, a custom social media avatar, and virtual studio visits. $STARK coins can be purchased with a debit or credit card, cryptocurrency or by converting $RLY tokens, Rally’s default currency, into $STARK coins. Powered by the ethereum blockchain, is an open network dedicated to fostering vibrant independent economies between creatives and fans.

Cascade was organized and produced by AMP in association with United Talent Agency and Joshua Liner Projects. UTA’s Digital Assets division structured this first-of-its kind crypto and NFT strategy for the exhibition. UTA represents Jen Stark and Rally. 

One-hour time slots are available Tuesdays through Sundays from 1 to 10 PM. Ticket prices range from $25 to $45.