Jean Jullien makes you want to see his shows in person, and its a skill he continues to master and mature with. For an artist who was one of the first to turn Instagram into a canvas and daily conversation, the Paris-based artist has changed the way he approaches in real life art, adding details and touches that make the walls of a gallery come alive in conjunction with his paintings. Where his paintings seem observational and at peace with nature and the world around him, the installs are bustling with life. 

For Bye Bye Blue, his newest solo show at Alice Gallery in Brussels, Jullien continues his robust exhibition schedule with a series of works that touch on surf, beach and coastal nature that is both an exploration of our uncanny need to be outdoors but also a return to life as normal. Familes are together on the beach, surfing gives a sense of freedom, the green pastures near the coast look lush and unkempt-ly perfect. It's romantic, and it's ideal. —Evan Pricco