Amsterdam has more museums per square meter than any city in the world, and recently bulked up with its addition of The Collective Space, a truly expansive venue which aims to bring together exciting contemporary art and design alongside a dynamic, eclectic events program. With the goal of presenting new, emerging visual culture in material form, such as painting, drawing, photography, design, and work that defies easy categorization, it clearly delivers with a strong, varied and integrated inaugural group presentation.


Located in the historic center of the city, the 250 sqm Keizersgracht venue replaces a former piano store, respectfully converted by architect Gabriela Puig Soleille, who sustains quiet elegance in an open, quiet concept encouraging flow among the work, space, and viewer, while providing a tranquil getaway housing with cutting edge creative energy. Divided into two levels, the venue opens with a spacious lobby where large expressive paintings by Nelia Herrero are juxtaposed against intricate pastels on canvas by Philippe Baudelocque. From there, guests can proceed downstairs towards the bar and office area, where the latest series of works by Danish photographer Søren Solkær are presented. Real-life abstractions of a breathtaking flock of starlings ascend in the photo development explorations by Nicolai Howalt.  Sculptural works by Birgitte Due Madsen appear like pristine interior forest growth, breathing a cleansing breath within the clean interior design and aesthetics of the space. 

The upper level is reserved for landscape photography works by Adam Jeppesen, watercolor abstractions by Nelia Herrero, perfume/design objects by SOM Tales of Perfume, and a series of Basquiat portrait photographs by Nicholas Taylor, optimally viewed through the glass wall of the meeting room. These, like all the other editions on view, are made in collaboration with Plethora publisher from Copenhagen. The back office features more pieces by Søren Solkær and Nelia Herrero,  functioning as complementing links between the clean architectural and rustic furnishings. 

Sand-colored Kalk painted walls, dark walnut wood beams, bronze or steel plate elements, and the woodsy furniture, provide a unique ambiance which over the years have become trademarks of The Collective Studio. Founded by Guy Jacobs and curated by Creative Director Mirko Musmeci, the venue is a fresh and fulsome addition to Amsterdam's creative scene, an incubator and stage for such a vibrant and diverse creative community. —Sasha Bogojev

All photos by Alix Camille